Understanding Social Communication

What exactly is Social Communication?

Social communication is the use of language (including nonverbal) in social situations. Social communication can be intuitive, but for some of us, these social competencies don’t come naturally! They need to be learned.


Did you know there are “hidden rules” of conversation and play?

There are! We are constantly using our social competencies at school, work, and home to interact with others, share experiences, and build relationships.


Does your child have difficulty with social communication? Here are some skills to keep an eye out for:

Social Communication.png

·      Participating in group settings

·      Developing and maintaining friendships

·      Playing with others

·      Having balanced conversations

·      Interpreting body language

·      Understanding and using figurative or ambiguous language

·      Understanding and using sarcasm, jokes, emotions, and inferencing


What can I do?

·      If you are concerned your child has difficulty with social communication, the next step is to contact your school district or a Speech-Language Pathologist for an evaluation.

·      Early treatment greatly improves prognosis and success!

·      At TALK, we provide therapy for children with a variety of speech and language difficulties, including social communication disorders. We offer the following services to teach, practice, and generalize social communication

  • Individual therapy

  • Group therapy

  • Summer camps

Alexia Mazzone