Individual Therapy

My son has thrived from his therapy sessions at TALK. He has improved his speech, language, and social skills drastically...His achievments have helped him become more flexible and social in academic settings
— Juliana

TALK is unique from other speech therapy practices in that we use detailed data to drive our therapy both within and across sessions. We monitor, graph, and make therapy technique changes based on this this data, that is then presented in reports during regular progress meetings, another thing parents will not find at other practices. We are dedicated to progress that is both quantitative and qualitative to ensure our clients are getting the best treatment possible.


At TALK, each child undergoes an initial intake assessment. During this session, which typically lasts an hour to an hour and a half, we will get to know you and your child, to understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and hear your concerns regarding your child’s communication. We will typically spend approximately 45 minutes with your child and approximately 45 minutes meeting privately with you. Following the informal evaluation, filling out a history form, and parent interview, we will determine if your child would benefit from speech and language therapy.


  • Based on the results of the initial assessment, your child will participate in a brief series of diagnostic treatment sessions. During this time, standardized and non-standardized assessment tools, unstructured play, and parent input will be utilized to create a unique treatment plan for your child.

  • Functional, measurable goals will be developed to target your child’s communication needs. Research-based treatment techniques and data collection are used in each session in order to document your child’s progress.

  • Therapy will be carried out in a fun and positive manner. We focus on using your child’s strengths to build up their weaknesses. We realize that one therapy technique will not work for every child, so we tailor each session to meet your child’s needs. Our desire is to keep these sessions playful while working towards the outlined goals.

  • We provide treatment in 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions. We are available to attend IEP meetings, discuss your child with other professionals, and conduct school observations.


Therapy in most clinics is subjective and not tracked from session to session. At TALK, we take data every session and allow the analyzed data to drive the direction of session. We make it a point to work on every goal, every session. Studies have found that repetition is the key to progress. TALK’s data driven and repetitious nature allows for visible progress both in sessions and in a child’s natural environment.


Progress Meetings

Parent meetings occur every four months. Progress reports will be presented, using the data from individual sessions, along with therapist observations. These will outline your child’s improvement and direct recommendations for continued intervention, if needed. We also take this time to hear in depth how your child is doing across all environments, such as school and at home. At TALK, we believe in a strong team approach, including the parents, teachers, and all other providers.