parent training

Home Program Development and Management

A TALK director or Clinical Coordinator will work directly with lead clinicians to develop and manage a home plan for clients when appropriate. This plan will increase parent involvement in their child’s therapy plan and will also help to generalize skills learned at TALK to the home environment.

Home programs will be individualized and targeted to maximize their effectiveness, and will be developed for all appropriate goal areas, including:

  • Language
  • Motor Speech and Articulation
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • Social Skills
  • Feeding


Hanen Programs for Parent Training

TALK offers two Hanen Parent Training Programs:

  • It Takes Two to Talk® for parents of children with language delay
  • More Than Words® for parents of children with language and social communication difficulties

Monthly Orientations for Hanen Programs are held at TALK on the Second Wednesday of Each Month from 6:30 until 7:30(*must Pre-register three days in advance)

These programs are designed to teach parents how to be their child’s best language facilitator and to give them language-enhancing strategies that they can use in everyday interactions with their child. Learn more about the Hanen Centre below:


TALK TIPS Parent Education Sessions

Evening and lunchtime sessions will be offered periodically during the year to address a variety of parent-relevant topics. Topics will include information on:

  • Speech and language development
  • Social skills development
  • Using visuals to facilitate speech, language and communication
  • Writing and implementing social stories
  • Kindergarten readiness
  • Feeding Development
  • Other topics

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