Supporting Language At Home

A question we get all the time from parents is, “What can I do at home to support my child’s language development?” As simple as it sounds, one of the best things parents can do at home is to model the correct language target and provide auditory bombardment.

Targeting language at home (1).png

Auditory bombardment is an evidence-based treatment strategy where the therapist (or parent) repeats the target stimulus multiple times for the child to hear. Auditory bombardment can be used in conjunction with articulation therapy and language therapy. If your child is working on their /s/ sound, consider bombarding them with /s/ words during car rides. If your child is working on their pronouns, bombard them with sentences using correct pronouns while at the park or the zoo. When your child makes an error, model the correct target and repeat a few times. So, if your child says, “Look!! The dog eating!” respond with, “You’re right! The dog IS eating! It must be hungry because the dog IS eating it’s food!”

Doing these small things throughout the day can help make a difference in your child’s progress on their speech and language goals.

Alexia Mazzone