Look, Listen, and Infer

Look, Listen, and Infer (1).png

The Look, Listen and Infer Fun Deck created by Clint Johnson, M.A., CCC-SLP and Erin Riojas with Super DuperⓇ Publications is a therapy material that can be used to help improve critical thinking, auditory comprehension, and inferencing skills. It is a great therapy tool for school aged children in second grade or higher. The deck assists clients with inferring the meaning of a message by listening to a scenario while also looking at a picture to provide an appropriate and logical answer given a social scenario.  

This tool is beneficial because it teaches children to improve their inferencing skills by reminding them to look at all the details in the picture to help determine the meaning of the message. One of our clinicians recently began using this with a seven year old child who has difficulties with critical thinking and inferencing skills. The pictures and the scenarios listed on the cards has helped the child look at the big picture and the small details to determine the meaning of a message. 

An example of the type of scenario given is a picture of an older sister and younger brother standing outside a closed door. In the picture, the older sister appears to be carrying a heavy fragile item with both of her hands, as the younger brother is holding what appears to be a light box since he is carrying the box in one arm only. Below the picture the card has written, “Your sister asked, ‘Can you give me a hand?’ What should you do next?” If the child has difficulty providing a logical and appropriate answer, there are multiple choice options provided. “Applaud her for carrying such a heavy box; Give her a high five; Help her open the door.” The most appropriate answer would be to help her open the door. 

The Look, Listen and Infer Fun Deck is a quick, fun way to target skills that many children struggle with.

Alexia Mazzone