Five Common Myths about Language Development

  1. “Using sign language will make my child talk later.”

    Using signs before a child can talk actually promotes language!

  2. “Late-talkers always catch up.”

    Some late-talkers catch up, but many do not! We’d rather see kids earlier so they can catch up sooner rather than later.

  3. “Learning two languages at the same time causes language delays.”

    There are so many benefits to bilingualism! When we evaluate bilingual kids, we look at their combined language skills.

  4. “He’s not talking much, but he’s a boy.”

    Girls and boys actually develop language at the same rate. But boys have a higher risk of language delays/disorders.

  5. “I should use flashcards to help build my child’s vocabulary.”

    Kids learn new words best when they hear them multiple times in natural environments.

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Alexia Mazzone