Connecting Toys to Language

connect 4.png

Not every therapy tool has to be a therapy tool. Classic games are fantastic for motivation, exploring language, and more! One of our favorite reasons to use every day toys in our sessions is that they promote generalization across environments and children are already comfortable with the materials. It’s easy to build new skills into these old routines without even letting the kids know they are doing therapy. A personal favorite is Connect 4. Let’s explore all the language this one toy provides!


How many do you have in a row? Let’s count…one, two, three, four!

Spatial Skills

I have three horizontally and you have four vertically.


You put your piece next to my piece. I will put one on top.


Red piece, yellow piece, empty circle, full circle.


My pieces are yellow, your pieces are red. This one is mine. That one is yours.

Verbs tenses

Who will win? Look, you won.

Take some time to see what language the classic games in your house can provide!

Alexia Mazzone