TALK’s Team Approach

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Why does TALK have a Team Approach to therapy?

  • Generalization. We so often have children who learn a skill with one therapist in one specific way. The hard part is the carryover, or generalization, of that skill to home and school.  At TALK, we promote generalization of skills right from the beginning by having your child see more than one therapist in a variety of therapy rooms.

  • Collaboration. The team approach also promotes sharing of ideas, strategies, and observations amongst our staff. This helps ensure your child progresses in innovative and creative ways.

How many therapists are on my child’s team?

  • You get at least three Speech Pathologists on your team! Each child is assigned a Lead Director, Lead SLP, and Alternate SLP.

  • Lead Director: The Director’s job is to oversee your child’s case. She is a consistent, seasoned therapist who meets often with the Lead SLP to discuss the Treatment Plan and progress. The director is present in parent meetings, school and home visits, and IEPs, along with the Lead SLP.

  • Lead SLP: The Lead SLP is in charge of your child’s Treatment Plan and progress. He or she makes and monitors all goals and sees your child the most often. He/she knows your child well and is often your best point of contact for questions about progress, concerns, or accolades.

  • Alternate SLP: The Alternate SLP’s job is to carry out your child’s plan as the Lead Therapist has written it. We try to keep alternate therapists fairly consistent, but alternates may change to improve generalization or due to scheduling. Alternates provide a fresh set of experienced eyes on your child’s case.

You can learn more about our directors and therapists on the “Meet our Administration” and “Meet our Therapists” tabs.

Alexia Mazzone