TALK Summer Camp


 Summer is just around the corner and the team at TALK is excitedly gearing up for our annual summer camps! TALK is proud to offer a variety of inclusive summer camps for children with social, language, or literacy needs. Each program is thoughtfully created and managed by licensed Speech Language Pathologists. Read on for more info on each camp and check out our website for your registration needs.

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TALK PALS JR (ages 4-7)

Making friends is an early skill that shapes our lives into adulthood. TALK PALS Jr gives kids a chance to create and cultivate the necessary tools to befriend their peers and maintain those relationships through engaging activities. We sing, dance, paint, and play our way into becoming social stars!

TALK PALS (ages 8-13)

This camp is geared towards older children and the more nuanced sides of social skills. We take a good hard look at non-verbal cues, hidden social rules, and how to think about other people’s thoughts and feelings. Our campers take regular outings to the local parks to practice newly learned skills in structured games (Who’s ready for Red Light, Green Light?) and in free play. Under the summer sun, the kids show off their talents for making and maintaining new friendships!


We love summer, but we can’t forget school! If you are getting ready for Kindergarten or if you just finished and miss it already (and maybe you’re a little worried about First Grade) then come join us for Kindergarten Express! We will work on getting little learners ready to roll with silly sounds and fun phonetics. Each day is filled with exciting activities geared towards school readiness and foundation literacy skills. Confidently start the school year with Kindergarten Express!


Do you hear what we hear? Listening Detectives are great at picking up the littlest details in stories, lessons, and conversations. Our detectives practice honing their listening and memory skills so that they can remember and recall all sorts of things! They learn it all while still having fun! At Listening Detective camp we follow silly directions, create works of art, and complete scavenger hunt by using strategies for memory, auditory comprehension, and critical thinking.



Alexia Mazzone